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El Mayor Amor

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my humble blog; it's not much, but it's a place for me to share the ways the Lord is directing, leading, and teaching me to those I love most. The destination is Esperancita, Honduras... a small town in the tropical countryside of Honduras, where God has led me to a mission field of orphaned children who have stollen my heart. The mission is this... to share the love of my Savior Jesus Christ in every way, and every day with these precious children. Esperancita translates to "little hope" in English, and yet I have no small hope for what the Lord can accomplish through my life, and through the lives of these children. I chose to title the blog "El Mayor Amor" (The Greatest Love), because I know the greatest Love quite personally. I love Him, because He first loved me! And, as the Bible commands, I seek to share that all-too-wonderful love with the children to whom the Lord has led me. As I aim to raise these children in the ways of the Lord, and assist with their most basic of needs (physical) and even their most complex of needs (love), please pray for me; That the love of my Savior would shine through my every action, and every deed... that in this area of "little hope" I could demonstrate the "greatest love" that points directly to Christ!

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Calm Before the Storm

HOLA!  Has it been an eternity since I´ve last written to you all to say that I am still alive, that I am so thankful for your patience, and that my God is still So good?  I will answer that question for you, Yes, Yes it has.

I do pray that this finds all of you well and strong in the work of the Lord.  I pray this finds you busy... no in worries of the world, in to-do lists that stress you out, but simply busy in working for Him.  Being faithful to live your life as an open Bible before others, and let them know you by your fruits and works.

I don´t even know what I wrote about in my last update, but a lot has happened.  I was blessed to see my parents for 10 days here in Honduras.  I can´t explain the peace that floods a soul just from being around family... of the flesh.  I have family, and lots of it... but through adoption of the soul and heart.  We prayed for months as we knew of my mother and fathers plans to come, and I am thankful to say that the Lord went before us all and gave us a great time.  Unfortunately my calling here doesn´t allow for much downtime, but typically around 9 at night, we were able to sit for a bit and talk over some life.  Every night was emotional for all of us, I think.  Its hard to say goodnight when you know a goodbye is coming soon.  I say goodnight to my girls everynight with the expectation of seeing them in the morning... sometimes half heartedly.  I know the Lord called me here, I am sure of it.  Its difficult, it is a sacrifice, and some times it hurts... but I am so very grateful for the level of support I have from my parents and sister and family and church body.  There is something about family and an understanding that doesnt need words.  I enjoyed watching them interact with my girls and the environment in which I live... Mom helped with stitching tons of clothes, cut fingernails and toe nails that go so neglected in my list of things to accomplish, played babysitter and craft overseer, and back massager.  Dad helped with being Mr. Fix it and doing things that I simply am not capable of doing.  We have a nice shelf in our kitchen now, that not only functions as a pantry but homework organizer while I cook and review everyones work.  Dad made hamburgers for the girls that they´ll never forget and allow my girls to hold his hand and play with his (ehh hem) balding area.  They left a mark on my girls, and while it was an extremely difficult goodbye, I am confident that the Lord did a work.  I love you BOTH more than words could ever express, and am grateful for you allowing me to follow the Lord here.  I can´t imagaine where I would be without you... 

The monday that my parents flew out, I wasnt able to accompany them.  It was the first day of school for my girls and the first day of a special week of preaching.  Every year, a missionary preacher from Costa Rica that has his own ministry and home comes to our property.  He is legally blind, and preached for the first time this year in Spanish using a braille device.  I learned from the diligence that goes in to serving the Lord for him, as he studies, work with his wife to translate the preaching, and then converts it into a transferable file to his braille computer.  Its amazing.  I love how the Lord uses what the world calls weak to confound the wise!  Thats me!  Im now 25 years old, and I have 22 girls.  I am without a physical helper, but with a mighty spiritual Helper in my times of need and 24/7 beck and call.  And my Heavenly Helper has been doing some pretty amazing things... my newest girl Cesia, while underwent a very hard transition from being a rather rebellious young lady is showing a softened heart and wrote me a sweet little card about loving me and loving my glasses and curly hair... haha.  Its amazing what can win a little girls heart.  One of my newer girls, Yolanda, made the decision during the week of preaching to accept the Lord as her personal Lord and Savior.  I spoke with her about it and she shows a great level of understanding, and am excited to see how the Lord works in her heart to purify her as she learns to walk in the Spirit.

We have MUCH improved since school days last year.  The calm before the storm occurs at about 8 o´clock every morning when I walk with my girls to school and say my last compassionate warnings to behave well, care for their things, and do a good job in their school work.  Then, usually with a 5 gallon water jug in hand, I skip up the hill to buy more water and come down a little slower than before with jug on shoulder.  I then enter my completely quiet clinic, and enjoy being able to hear myself whistle and sing and work.  I sweep and mop without the little feet that I so love but also so despise when I am cleaning, coming in a leaving their footprints on my fresh floors.  Recess lets out faithfully around 10, when my girls come back to help with chores and ask for permission to eat their daily portion of ONE piece of candy.  Sometimes, my own rules that I created annoy me.  haha. but, there you have it.  At 10:30 they head off again to school, but my 3 oldest girls who study in Bible Institute stay and help with lunch prep and the remaining jobs.  Around 11:30 the whole family of 22 plus 2 other mouths that I feed come home to eat lunch, and we start bathing routines because with 2 restrooms it still takes a LONG TIME to get them all done!  At 1, my school girls leave again for classes, and my 3 oldest remain, which is when we start cranking out the high school homework.  Its been torture.... they have attitudes bigger than I can remember as they try to grasp new concepts and hate the attention that I put into them.  But its worth it ALL when the first smile of pure understanding flashes across their faces.  Right now, we are working with negative numbers and converting subtraction in to addition.  They head off to high school at 3 until 6:30, and almost immediately after they leave, my remaining 19 come home to start the homework madness until we have church, which we almost always faithfully resume after church until 10 at night some times.

We are improving,. praise the Lord.  My girls and helping tremendously, with chores, with meals, with reviewing other girls homework.  As Proverbs says, its a blessed thing and unexplainable joy to see your children walking in right ways.  In childhood, granted, there is plenty of foolishness... but the times of obedience and improvement and help are so sweet to the taste and soul.  I thank the Lord daily for this task.

I would like to ask simply for prayer for my hand.  I believe I have carpal tunnel syndrome as my hand goes to sleep on my quite a bit and as of yesterday gets stuck in position for several minutes after carrying a heavy load.  Its not holding me back... yet, and I would just apprecaite your prayers that the Lord would simply give me feeling in my hand sufficient to keep up with the daily work and need.

Other than that, please pray for the daily wisdom and strength needed to raise my girls in the Lords ways, so that when they are grown, they will not depart from Him!

Praying for you,


  1. So nice to read an update, hermana. I'm glad everyone enjoyed Mom and Dad's visit. I know they were grateful for the time with you and the girls. I love you, and am praying for you!

  2. it is good to hear an update on what is going on down there. That's wonderful that your family was able to come down and spend time with you. I pray for you and the girls who are so dear to my heart. I will bring your prayer request for your hand up tonight in our prayer meeting. thank you for keeping us informed. It is such an encouragement to see you and Christa's hearts for these girls. we will look forward to the next post. God bless.
    -Pastor Ben