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El Mayor Amor

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my humble blog; it's not much, but it's a place for me to share the ways the Lord is directing, leading, and teaching me to those I love most. The destination is Esperancita, Honduras... a small town in the tropical countryside of Honduras, where God has led me to a mission field of orphaned children who have stollen my heart. The mission is this... to share the love of my Savior Jesus Christ in every way, and every day with these precious children. Esperancita translates to "little hope" in English, and yet I have no small hope for what the Lord can accomplish through my life, and through the lives of these children. I chose to title the blog "El Mayor Amor" (The Greatest Love), because I know the greatest Love quite personally. I love Him, because He first loved me! And, as the Bible commands, I seek to share that all-too-wonderful love with the children to whom the Lord has led me. As I aim to raise these children in the ways of the Lord, and assist with their most basic of needs (physical) and even their most complex of needs (love), please pray for me; That the love of my Savior would shine through my every action, and every deed... that in this area of "little hope" I could demonstrate the "greatest love" that points directly to Christ!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Showers of Blessings

Dear Friends and Family,

It truly is a blessed life, living for the Lord.  Mine is full of adventure, which I like... but just this week, my girls were looking through my hair verifying that I DO NOT have any lice to speak of.... BUT, they found ONE silver lock in my hair!!!!!  HAHA, I will be turning 25 in just a couple of days now and am rather certain that I am going to hit a quarter life crisis knowing that I am aging.  Most days, my body does ache from working, but again, I wouldnt have it any other way.  I count my blessings, and each day is a gift from the Lord to serve Him as best I can.  These days have been intense.  We´ve been experiencing very cold weather here as well, believe it or not.  No snow... just bone chilling weather... Im officially very weak to cold weather now.

Anyway, I really dont know how to summarize what the Lord has been up to.  We´ve had 3 groups come through, 2 of which were medical.  I was so thankful that some of my girls were able to get some teeth pulled.  Right now, there is a group of young adults here and they have undertaken to PAINT the girls rooms.  Its a very humbling life here... here we are in a country so poor, where the people struggle daily to have food sufficient for their families, and the Lord has blessed us so that even things that are so far from needs are placed in our laps.  The girls are so excited, 3 rooms are completed and there are 4 more to go.  We have purple, pink, green, and orange on the list of colors.  We also started our garden again! AMEN!  We are looking forward to having our own produce and SOON, building a hen house to start raising our own hens and reaping fresh eggs.  Please know we have not forgotten you Guinston!  We are praying for the Lords help in our plans!

We are looking forwad to this next week, when my parents fly in on Thursday if the Lord so permits it.  We have been praying so much for so long for them, and what a blessing it is to know that they will be here in just a short while.  There is so much to say over the girls and what has been happening in their lives, but the time is so short today.  I will be prayerfully sending out my next prayer letter within a week or two.  Please stay posted!

All of our love in Christ,

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